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Hi, I'm CJ Slitas

New Car Team Leader

Hi I'm CJ. I guess you could call me "Mr. DCH Honda" though.  I've been with DCH for an entire career, and in the business for 30 years.  I'm one of the senior, Senior floor Sales Managers and I eat, sleep and breathe Honda.  I've earned the awards from Honda North America, and I'm grateful for the recognition, but the really important that to me is that we do the kind of work here that we can all be proud of.  It's much more important to be able to stand beside all the people who work here together representing great products and services that Honda provides and the support that the DCH company underpins everything we do.  We have to be standing out front, face to face with customers that absolutely must learn that they can put their trust in us.  Their trust is fleeting. Earned through hard work and honest work, and I know it can collapse like a house of cards in a strong wind if somebody messes up.  I know that the job I do for DCH transcends what I myself take care of directly.  I influence and direct a team of people who all carry the responsibility to understand how DCH earns customers.  That their work comes back to me, to DCH and ultimately to Honda.  I've been blessed to be part of this group of tremendous people from top to bottom, serving customers who grow to know that we understand how important all of this is.
Thank you for considering becoming a part of the DCH fmaily of customers if you are not already with us.  If you are already a customer, thank you so much for your business.  We always look forward to seeing you again and having the chance to serve your vehicle needs.

- CJ

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